The first week of October we had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic in order to officially inaugurate our operation in the country, also taking the opportunity to meet with the directors of our offices in the Americas.

Very intense days of relationship with the market, in which Criteria was also able to offer different training programs, both in the field of international transport (by our director of transport in Spain, Felipe Portela)as in aviation insurance, (taught by our Director of America and Global Director of Aviation, Luis José Vicentini).).

In addition, the Criteria team had the opportunity to attend several interviews in different national media of radio and television, such as the one that can be seen after the radio program ‘Hablemos de negocios’, of the radio station Sentido, 89.3 FM, which was attended by Julio Vásquez (director of Criteria in the Dominican Republic) and Pedro Antonio González (commercial director of Criteria).


The focus of the visit was the corporate cocktail held on Thursday, October 6, It was attended by a large representation of the entire Dominican market and of which we perceive a very welcome and warm welcome by those who add their professional experience and personal quality to a consolidated insurance market, competent and with high expectations of development.

In this context, we also had the opportunity to present to the Dominican market, with a fantastic reception for its part, the first edition of the Professional Master of Medical Expertise, Body Damage Assessment and Health Risk Insurance that, being available 100% online, has been received with great interest by insurers, brokers and lawyers present at the different events that were held these days.

Criteria, and in order to strengthen the ties of collaboration between different countries, the different events were able to attend, in addition to our excellent hosts in the country Julio Vasquez (founding partner of the new office), Ronald Rodríguez (Adjustment Director), and Nancy Martinez, (Loss Adjuster):

  • Gustavo Beltrán from Guatemala
  • Yhoanna Pérez from Costa Rica
  • Raúl Vílchez from Venezuela
  • Nicolás Granchelli from Argentina
  • Emilio Palomeras from Panama
  • Camilo Pinzón from Colombia
  • Roberto Wagner Pérez da Silva and Leomar David from Brazil
  • Ivonne Leal from Puerto Rico
  • Luis José Vicentini from Miami, USA
  • Álvaro Montoya and Pedro Antonio González from Spain

We miss those who could not attend for work (first things first) from Mexico, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

Criteria would like to thank everyone, organizers and attendees, for your involvement and commitment, undoubtedly the best reference for the success of this operation and for the consolidation of the service offered in America to all our customers.


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