technical assistance

The versatility and depth of Criteria’s technical resources enables us to offer multidisciplinary teams to provide technical analyses and studies in all areas to validate the suitability of any type of construction project, including preliminary studies, dimensioning, project development, project management, technical assistance, health and safety, environmental monitoring, quality control and any other related service.

By coordinating multidisciplinary teams and having experts in all operational areas, we can offer specific qualified expert advice adapted to the particular characteristics of each case to lawyers, companies’ internal legal services and the market in general for every field.

We have significant experience and proven reliability in court.

Technical Assistance Services

Construction and industrial:

  • Structural analysis
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Special foundations
  • Land improvements and treatment
  • Stability of slopes
  • Suitability of construction methods
  • Support and cladding design
  • Waterproofing
  • Impact on surroundings
  • Structural analysis and optimisation: metal, reinforced and prestressed concrete and synthetic materials.
  • Unique construction details
  • Layout of linear projects, modifying foundations, drains
  • Hydraulic filling, conventional and special foundations for docks, jetties, piers, underwater outfalls, etc.
  • Reviewing and optimising processes


  • Environmental impact studies, analysing and modelling risks and liability
  • Land use suitability analysis
  • Waste management studies and plans
  • Environmental technical assistance
  • Environmental monitoring of works

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