Adjustment in different branches of transport insurance requires speed as well as agile and effective decision-making to minimise the consequences of a loss.

Criteria provides a large experienced team of qualified expert loss adjusters, average adjusters and specialists in various disciplines in the field, strategically located to offer a global service in accordance with your needs.



  • Inspection, assessment, determining causes of losses and their consequences in claims relating to transport of goods by any means: land, sea or river, and air.
  • Adjustment of all types of cargo: perishable, refrigerated and frozen, bulk solids and liquids, machinery and electronics, art.
  • Transport policy claims adjustment
  • Surveying means of transport, warehouses and port complexes
  • Salvage sale activities and advice on recovery

Project Cargo


  • Guarantee inspections for infrastructure projects, power generators, mining, petrochemicals, heavy industry
  • Defining critical project equipment
  • Identifying parties involved
  • Surveying packing and handling equipment
  • Surveying warehouses, port complexes and means of transport
  • Analysing risks between origin and destination; optimising routes and planning transhipments. Computer-based monitoring of ships and cargo Computerized tracking of shipments and loads
  • Supervision of loading, unloading and storage operations in full transhipment
  • Checking delivery conditions
  • Overall project management

Hull and Machinery


  • Adjustment in hull and machinery (H&M) claims
  • P&I adjustments
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Pre-risk surveys
  • Condition surveys
  • On/off hire survey
  • Calculation of weights for draft difference
  • Determining amount of fuel onboard
  • Hatch cover tightness testing

Other services


  • Immediate attention Nat Cat services
  • Loss of profits and costs resulting from stoppage (Marine & Aviation delay in start-up)
  • Superintendence, prevention and monitoring


  • Loading, stowage and lashing inspections
  • Unloading and receipt inspections
  • Merchandise quantity, quality and condition checks
  • Taking samples and supervising laboratory analysis
  • Inspecting cargo holds and spaces
  • Control and management of stock and valuations
  • Technical Services:
  • Standardising cargo control and tracking processes
  • Advice on suitability of transport, sea or land routes
  • Advice on packing, stowage and lashing techniques
  • Analysis of alternative uses for goods
  • Providing international experts
  • Transport and logistics consultancy
  • Legal and technical reports and opinions

Recreational vessels


  • Hoisting and lashing inspections
  • Condition and maintenance surveys prior to signing policies
  • Analysis, evaluation and adjustment of damage to the ships themselves (hull damage, machinery breakdown, theft, sinking…)
  • Monitoring and accreditation of repairs carried out on the basis of quotes drawn up in different workshops
  • Inspections for sale and purchase operations
  • Hold condition inspections
  • Opening hatches

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