inspecting, monitoring and surveying risks

Experience and training to adapt with complete flexibility to different levels of inspection and meet our clients’ needs, from simple business continuity testing and measuring and establishing the suitability of risks to in-depth, individualised analysis of all types of activities.

Risk Inspection and Monitoring Services

  • Measurements
  • Pre-contract risk inspections for all types of activity
  • Calculation and valuation of assets, buildings, industrial equipment and machinery, all types of installations and machinery, loss of profits and earnings, stoppages and impacts on processes
  • Calculating PML and EML
  • Facility monitoring reports, active and passive security, storage systems, contingency plans, fire and break-in protection systems, thermography…
  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Certification and classification of the level of environmental priority of companies in accordance with annex III to the Spanish Environmental Responsibility Act 26/2007, of 23 October
  • Special operations, project cargo, underwater cables, industrial plants, technological tests and trials

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