Criteria involves the creation of an ambitious, comprehensive and practical project. By building on the experience, professionalism and the quality of service offered over almost three decades by more than 250 qualified experts in different geographical areas, it has been able to:


forces, knowledge, training and experience to offer the best specialised technical service.


the most comprehensive and flexible range of services for our clients based on the sum of our experience and skills.


a single agile and efficient structure to guarantee our clients a multidisciplinary, international service which is simple and straightforward.

Criteria has become a global adjustment bureau capable of performing adjustment activities in all branches of insurance

It was formally established in July 2016 following a cooperation agreement between various partners responsible for their respective regional adjustment bureaus, which had been operating for different insurance companies for more than 30 years.

As a result, Criteria combines the resources of five Spanish adjustment bureaus under a single brand with a single operational structure, creating a national adjustment bureau with an operations centre that matches the service required by our main clients, and, thanks to its origins, has an adjustment network that is coordinated through offices in the various local and regional areas.

Our operations in the Americas joined the Spanish project in 2018 with more than 50 experts in seven countries and has rapidly grown and expanded to have more than 300 experts at present in 11 countries in the Americas and include global maritime & cargo services covering 110 countries.

Criteria’s entire operational system is based around a single management tool for the whole structure and establishing specialities that are managed and coordinated by people of recognised standing and experience in each of their fields and places of operation.

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