Recently, Criteria was commissioned by Moncobra (Cobra Group) to prepare a technical report to support and technically clarify the conflict situation that arose as the main subcontractor against the EPC contractor. The objective of this technical intervention was to carry out the mechanical assembly of a large part of the work on the “Bamboo” project, consisting of the construction of a large nitric acid plant in the Heroya industrial park, located in the town of Porsgrunn, in Norway, and owned by the company YARA Norge AS.

The work undertaken by Criteria’s professionals in this technical intervention has been very thorough and intense in the detailed analysis of the circumstances and complexity of the project, making use of our experience and technical training to obtain an exhaustive, detailed, clarifying and highly satisfactory analysis.

Once again, we are proud to make available to our clients the best of our resources and capabilities in any field of industrial activity and anywhere in the world.





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