The association Friends of the Earth denounced this week a new spill in La Rioja. Apparently, it is about waste water from the area that has ended up in the waters of the Iregua River, as it passes through the municipality of Albelda. This is the fifth spill that has occurred in this river so far this year, after the three that occurred at the beginning of 2020 in Villamediana and another more recent spill in the city of Logroño. The latter was detected (on 17th June last) in the Los Lirios neighbourhood, under the Varea bridge, on the left bank of the river.

The one that occurred this week in Albelda, and as official sources point out, has been located under one of the bridges of the Iregua Park. It is waste water that has been discharged from the Albelda rainwater network, and which is causing bad smells and water pollution.

The association Friends of the Earth states that this discharge is not punctual and that it is being done continuously. The organization believes that they come from some houses in the area, and asks that the appropriate measures be taken so that this does not happen again and that those responsible for the spills take responsibility for the possible expenses derived from them.

At the moment, the local authorities are investigating the causes of this latest spill in La Rioja.





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