Through the Criteria Campus, and together with the Ortega-Marañon Foundation and its Ortega-Marañon University Research Institute, Criteria has developed and launched the first edition of the Professional Master’s Degree in Health Expertise, Assessment of Bodily Injury and Health Risk Assurance, which will begin to be taught in October this year.

The fusion between Criteria’s practical experience and technical training in the field of medical expertise and the great track record and prestige in the training field of the Ortega-Marañon University Research Institute allows us to offer an effective, practical and highly interesting training program for the entire sector, both in Spain and in America, since the master’s degree is taught in Spanish and can be received 100% online.

It is an ambitious training project, very complete and flexible, which comes to cover both a clear need for technicians trained in this specialty (doctors, brokers, lawyers, processing agents, etc.) and the lack of training in this field.

The main features of the program include the following:

  • A large cast of professionals from the sector and first-class experts in the different specialties, both with regard to the teaching staff and the speakers of master classes incorporated into the different training modules.
  • Eminently practical training focused on the reality of the activity, offered online and with the possibility of attending lectures and drills that will also be broadcast via streaming.
  • The program is divided into different modules and a final Master’s project, adding a total of 60 ECTS credits.
  • Once the studies have been completed and the corresponding tests have been passed, in addition to obtaining the ideal training for professional performance in this field, the student will receive the corresponding accreditation degree.
  • Among the different modules, there is the option of choosing alternatively between a specific Health Risk Assurance module or a Forensic Psychiatry module, focusing the training either on claims handlers and insurance underwriters and lawyers linked to the sector, or directing it to doctors interested in a broad and practical training, which enables them to intervene as medical experts.


In addition, the student also has the option of taking two Expert Courses:

  • Expert Course in Fundamentals of Sanitary Expertise (30 ECTS)
  • Advanced Expert Course in Sanitary Expertise and VDC (30 ECTS)
  • The expert titles will also be awarded to those who complete the Professional Master’s Degree in Sanitary Expertise, Bodily Injury Assessment and Complete Sanitary Risk Assurance.


Possibility of registering for individualized modules.

The program will be taught in Spanish. For this reason and because of its online format, it will be accessible both from Spain and from the American market.

To find out all the details of this new training proposal and also compare the quality of the cast of teachers and speakers it has, we invite you to download the program brochure in which you will also find a link with access to the Registration process.

For any other question or doubt related to the new Professional Master’s Degree in Health Expertise, Bodily Injury Assessment and Health Risk Assurance, you can contact the Criteria team



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