Filomena storm has left a trail of many damages and collapses of canopy structures and roofs of buildings, especially for industrial / commercial use.

In collaboration with CSI group engineering as expert structural engineers, and thanks to the support of the company specialized in meteorological services METEOSIM with the preparation of the Filomena snow precipitation map, we are offering two types of technical services to the market:


1. Structural assessment services to analyze and accredit with forcefulness the structural state and the regulatory compliance of the damaged element, being able to activate specific clauses, as well as to be able to activate / deactivate recovery actions in the relations between property, tenant, designer, etc.

In the inspections, and depending on the needs, the drones of our technical division have been used, allowing the approach to the details of the wrecked remains in adequate safety conditions, obtaining important information quickly and safely.


2. Certification of the accumulated snow precipitation during the Filomena phenomenon, including the hourly and zip code discretization of the Filomena event throughout Spain.

The snow precipitation map generated is a database, consisting of a WRF-ARW model developed by the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (US NCAR) initialized with CFSv2 analysis data generated by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US-NOAA)

The combination of these services, depending on the specific characteristics of each of the more than 100 cases being managed by the team, is allowing several clients to position themselves with sufficient technical arguments and accreditation.

Need more information about these services? Do not hesitate to contact Criteria’s team and we will advise you without obligation.




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