Today we show images of a new expert intervention carried out by Criteria’s team of engineers On this occasion, the accident occurred as a result of the failure of a mobile harbor crane, which was unloading bulk cargo from a vessel moored at the North Quay of the Port of Gijón (Asturias).

During the unloading works, certain defects were detected in the lifting drum system of the crane, which was removed in order to check it and find out the cause/origin that caused the anomaly in its operation. A first visual check carried out by the maintenance personnel of the machine points to a breakage of the welds of the drive shaft with the lifting drum as a possible cause of the failure.

This is when Criteria’s team of experts is called in to determine the exact cause(s) of the accident and whether it was accidental or the result of other factors (such as the machine’s poor state of repair and maintenance, improper handling, etc.). Urgent action was taken and a search was launched for a rental crane similar to the one involved in the accident in order to continue with the bulk unloading work and not delay the vessel’s departure. From the outset, Criteria’s technicians recommended that the insured request the supply of a new drum to shorten the repair time.

Following the reviews carried out during four expert visits (during which the damaged parts of the crane were analyzed in detail) and the subsequent study of all the information and documentation provided by the Insured, Criteria’s technicians determined that the loss occurred accidentally, suddenly and unexpectedly during bulk unloading work.

The technicians differentiated between damage caused and wear and tear typical of the use of the machine, finally concluding that there was a breakage or fragmentation of the welding of the drive shaft with the lifting drum casing, which caused the breakdown.

During their last visit, Criteria’s technicians verified that the damaged drums had been replaced with new ones, and inspected the assembly of the new elements and the full operation of the machine, which was fully operational again in just 20 days.

Once the relevant documentation has been received, Criteria issues its report to the company,which includes an adjusted compensation proposal that minimizes the costs of delays, both in the repair and in the ordering, supply and assembly of the parts to be incorporated.

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