Last April, E-tec organised its first online training session on Risk Inspection for its network of professionals, led by its Head of Risk Inspection, Javier Fernández Muiños.

The session was well attended. More than 50 technicians, both from E-Tec and Criteria, followed this webinar live, with a very practical programme focused on working on key concepts of Risk Inspection: Loss prevention (identification/assessment of risks, organisational measures, active and passive fire protection, regulations, etc.), the Inspection Report and its preparation (request for information, field inspection, analysis of the information, assessment, calculation of maximum losses: EML and PML ́s), the Recommendations Report…

E-tec is the Criteria Group’s new business line, specialising in Risk Inspection and Verification for the insurance sector. An independent technical company that manages with experienced risk inspection professionals all types of assistance and services related to this work.

E-tec’s large team is made up of more than 50 highly qualified and experienced technicians, who add value through the provision of their professional services.

Both E-tec and Criteria believe that a constant process of training and updating of our teams is the key to guarantee our customers excellence in every service and project we carry out.

For this reason, E-tec has developed Campus E-tec (its online training platform) in order to offer continuous and constant training to its teams, in an agile and accessible way.

We are convinced that the training and professional growth of our technicians and inspectors are strategic factors for the development of our companies.

If you need more information about E-tec and its specialised services in Risk Inspection, go to its website.


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