In order to offer its customers an independent and specialised service that can focus directly on the field of risk inspections and verifications for the insurance market, Criteria has launched E-tec.

The new company, which is wholly owned by the Criteria group (with its own Tax ID number, address, structure and independent technical resources) thus offers its current and potential customers a specialised risk inspection service, carried out by technicians who perform their work completely independently of Criteria’s other services.

With the launch of E-tec, Criteria aims to focus the type of services and the specific professionalisation of this work in an appropriate manner, thus avoiding any possible conflict of interest that may arise between the complex technical work of risk inspectors and expert intervention. In the event of a claim on the risks inspected, these would be assumed by Criteria’s in-house experts.

To this end, based on previous experience, an independent technical company has been developed, with a broad and flexible structure, capable of inspecting risks of any type of activity (from simple household, community, commercial, etc. risks to large industrial, production, logistics and commercial risks in any sector of activity), and for both property and liability risks, loss of profit, energy, machinery, construction and special attention to environmental risks.

With this new technical proposal, Criteria also aims to provide its clients with maximum flexibility to adapt its services both to undertake high volumes of systematic scheduled inspections and to adjust services to tailor-made, 100% individualised inspections, as well as to refer tasks to simple analysis schemes prior to contracting or renewing policies, updating capital and sums insured, and to the preparation of extensive and detailed reports on risks with recommendations and scheduled follow-up of the same.

With the creation of this new company, the Criteria group has taken a further step in the specialisation of its services, offering an independent, professional and high quality service to the entire insurance market, both in Spain and in America and other neighbouring countries.

To contact those responsible for E-tec and obtain more detailed information about its services, areas of action and personalised proposals, we invite you to visit the company’s new website.



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