If this major global healthcare crisis has taught us anything, it is that digital communication and management are here to stay in many sectors. At Criteria, we have more than six years of experience in digital expert interventions with our clients, and more than 200,000 digital interventions carried out by our technicians in several countries and different languages. We have been developing and improving our digital intervention systems and processes, creating our own work model, adaptable and capable of meeting all the expectations and needs of our clients.

But what does a digital service like the one offered by Criteria consist of? What value does it bring and what advantages does it offer? In this post, we review the essential points of a digital expert’s report conducted by Criteria.


What is a digital inspection in the insurance and adjustment sector?

This is a virtual visit through an application, through which a remote connection is established (at a distance and online) between the sender and the receiver. This connection makes it possible not only to visualize but also to record the entire process. In this way, technical expert support is offered online and in real time, both in establishing the circumstances of the loss and in the work to be carried out and in the measures to mitigate its consequences.

Criteria has several web applications, which are constantly being improved and enhanced, and are used according to the needs of the system and the functionalities required for each intervention.


Digital adjuster’s inspection with professional

Digital adjuster’s inspection with professional


Digital adjuster’s inspection with the insured

Digital adjuster’s inspection with the insured


These applications allow expert technicians to take selected photographs and record images with the receiving terminals, recording the location, which is known as a Georeferenced Graphic Record with subsequent validation in possible legal proceedings. It also offers the possibility of assisting the digital intervention in real time by third parties (managers, specialist processors, etc.), as well as other additional functionalities: image editing in real time, measurement tools, On/Off flash, editing of notes and reports, sending of e-mails, etc.

To perform digital adjuster’s inspections, at Criteria we have experts in this technique as well as qualified specialists with the support of technical departments all over our global network. This means we can adapt to the regional specificities and technical characteristics of each case and facilitate expert intervention when it is required.

This service is offered in all of the official languages used in Spain (Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician) and also in English, French and German.


What are its advantages?

Here are some of the most important ones:

1.- Global reach: Using these online applications means we can connect to any point in the world. All that is needed is a smartphone with an internet connection. We can provide technical service teams in different time zones all over the world to cover the service at a global level. All you need is a smartphone connected to the Internet. We can have technical support teams in different time zones around the world to provide global service coverage.

2.- Maximum effectiveness: Using these tools correctly means that digital inspections become a highly effective option for managing and resolving claims and losses from all branches.

3.- More agile: Digital reports greatly reduce contact times with the insured, the support company or the technician in the location of the claim, as there is no need for them to travel.

4.- Convenient and non-intrusive: The connection is simple and immediate (through any internet-connected smartphone). This means it is no longer necessary to organise visits to the facilities or home of the insured.

5.- Complementarity: The tool can be used for performing the whole of the adjuster’s inspection or to complement an on-site inspection, to avoid the need for follow-up visits, confirm repairs, make initial contact with the claim, recommend measures to avoid exacerbating damage, etc.

Criteria 2020 Digital Inspection

Criteria digital adjuster’s inspection after a fire caused by a hot-tub motor, which caused serious damage to the property and severe smoke and soot damage


6.- Systematic: Over six years’ of experience and more than 200,000 digital adjuster’s inspections performed by our technicians in a number of different countries have helped us create our own procedure which is standardised, agile, efficient and can be adapted to the needs of each client.

7.- Versatility: This process is applicable to any type of claim, in any sector or activity, and the range of specialists available in Criteria’s global network is as versatile as it is wide.

Cost and time savings: At Criteria, we develop rates tailored to each customer profile based on their needs. With digital intervention, visits, travel, per diems, lodging expenses, etc., are dispensed with, resulting in significant savings. But it also saves time and resources, since the connection is immediate, without any waiting for the availability of the technician’s travel.

Greater efficiency in the management of contingencies and multiple claims: The implementation of these procedures allows for more efficient and effective management of contingencies and multiple claims at specific times. Criteria has used its digital intervention procedures and tools in several TCA and DANA cases to manage a high percentage of claims and also to efficiently coordinate the face-to-face interventions of the expert network.

10.- Immediate risk inspections: With a simple digital connection and the right technician, a large majority of the risk inspections for contracting or portfolio tracking relating to car, home, business, SME, recreational vessels and even monitoring stowage and lashing of merchandise risks are resolved.

11.- Assistance and repair monitoring: These digital adjusting tools, operated Criteria’s experts, facilitate the immediate monitoring of the performance of assistance and repair companies. In addition, they offer the option to immediately check the applicability of cosmetic damage cover before the inspection. In addition, they offer the possibility of immediate verification of the applicability of the aesthetic damage guarantees prior to the intervention.

12.- Instantaneous authorizations and fraud detection: authorizations with technical criteria supported by the insurer, of alternative installations, compatible spare parts, provisional repairs, adoption of emergency measures, etc. Opportunity to use leak detectors with defined criteria, appropriate intervention routes, applicability of suitable materials, use of lifting platforms on roofs, etc.

13.- Technical guidance for repairers on the most economic and efficient type of action to perform, in accordance with the coverage of the policies.


There are undoubtedly many advantages that digital expert intervention offers to clients and insured parties. At Criteria, we know this. That is why, for more than six years, we have been committed to digital expert intervention as an element of added value to the services we offer.

Now, more than ever, we have been able to verify the importance of having solid and proven digital technology and an effective, agile and practical working model in the insurance sector to guarantee continuity of the service even if circumstances means that visits or on-site work are not possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in contracting our services or want more information.






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