Following a fire at the vehicle terminal at the Port of Vigo, which caused significant damage to numerous vehicles, Criteria and its team of experts in investigating the causes of the fire were called in.

In an initial visual inspection of the area of the incident, our technicians analysed the layout of the parked vehicles, distinguishing between those that had been damaged by the direct action of the flames and those that had suffered minor damage as a result of smoke and heat radiation.

In addition, in this first phase of inspection of Criteria’s expert intervention, numerous remains of rods and cartridges, similar to those used to make “palenque bombs” or rockets used in pyrotechnics, were found among the aisles of parked vehicles.

Our technicians noted that on the night of the incident, the neighbourhood where the terminal is located was celebrating and several fireworks displays had been organised, one of which ended up causing the fire due to the proximity, speed and direction of the wind.

In the investigation of the causes of the incident, our technicians work in collaboration with other expert services of the companies and organisations involved. Together, they carry out a second inspection to assess the damage caused.

After Criteria’s expert intervention and an exhaustive analysis of both the policy and all the claim documentation, our experts present an adjusted and detailed compensation proposal, which includes the distribution of the damages and the amount of damages between the insurers.

In addition to the compensation proposal, the team also proposes the recovery of damages, considering that the pyrotechnics company was clearly responsible for ignoring the risk factors associated with the wind. In this way, our experts provide the insured with the contact documentation for the companies and organisations responsible for the incident.

Another example of how experience, agility in the processes and commitment to the client are some of the fundamental pillars for Criteria’s professionals

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