The Universidad Pontificia Comillas -ICADE- together with the Spanish Association of Aeronautical and Space Law, present a new edition of the Postgraduate Course for Specialists in Aeronautical and Space Law (CPEDAE), which is scheduled to begin on January 14, 2021.

At Criteria, we are always committed to supporting quality training projects that allow professionals in our sector to continue growing and developing, even more so in these times of crisis, when training plays an essential role in ensuring a better professional future. This is why Criteria joins the rest of the companies collaborating in the new edition of the ICADE and AEDAE graduate program.

In all its training and courses, ICADE incorporates both key private sector professionals and the most relevant civil servants, professors and teaching staff. All of this guarantees a balance between academic excellence and a practical vision of legal advice, one of the keys to the success of this university and its training programs.

On this occasion, among the recognized professionals who form the faculty of the new edition of the postgraduate program is Alejandro Herrera, Criteria’s Director of Aviation in Spain.



Why choose this program?

It is a comprehensive, quality training program tailored to the needs of companies and firms in the aerospace sector. The objective is to train new specialists in air and space law, as well as to focus on other more general branches of law and certain skills that are fundamental to advisory work.

The programme covers both management and those technical concepts that help students to assimilate regulations. But the central key of the course is the legal regulation of the sector and the agents involved in it.

The main objective of the new CPEDAE is to solve the training gap in our country in the field of air and space law. To achieve this goal, the course is being organized with the support of relevant companies in Spain, including Criteria


Aeronautical and Space Law Specialist

Collaborating entities in the new edition of Postgraduate Specialist Course in Aeronautical and Space Law




ICADE and AEDAE: prestige and quality

ICADE, home of the Postgraduate Specialist Course in Aeronautical and Space Law, is one of the most prestigious schools of law and business in Spain. It is a pioneer in innovation, and has numerous prestigious undergraduate and postgraduate programs, recognized by both students and collaborating companies and institutions.

The other main pillar of the Postgraduate Specialist Course in Aeronautical and Space Law is AEDAE, the Spanish Association of Aeronautical and Space Law. It is an organization made up of more than 100 professionals from the aerospace sector in Spain, both in the legal and management fields, consultancy, maintenance, expertise, etc. Its main purpose is the dissemination of air and space law and those related disciplines necessary for a better understanding of such an important and strategic sector for our country as aerospace.



CPEDAE : more information

The students, who will be able to choose between a face-to-face or remote methodology (or a combination of both), will also have the opportunity to do an internship in the collaborating companies.

If you are interested in acquiring specific and quality training on the new aeronautical and space context, this is just the course you need.


Aeronautical and Space Law


You can get more detailed information and download the program of the new course by accessing the website of the Postgraduate Course in Aviation and Space Law.






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